You're here. I'm pleased. I really dig your company.


For those of you that know me/follow me on social media


Maybe you cared. Maybe you don't. Maybe you didn't even know I was working on a website and now its like "Whhhhaaaatttt Asiah got a website? For what? Idk, I'll still go look!" (I appreciate you for that as well.)

This has been a long time coming, like a long time, like seriously years in the making and if I can be quite honest, it's still very surreal to me that I even have this space to call my own, and that anyone even cares. Either way, I've always wanted a cool older sister who let me come hang out with her in her cool room, put me on game and made sure I stayed fly. I didn't end up with that (shout out to my older brother! <3) so I became her.  And this space is my room. Welcome. Don't touch my DVDs. 

I have a thing about S: Skincare, Self-care, Sustainability, Streetwear, Sensuality, Spells (aka writing/poetry) and Spirituality. I'm not sure how this happened (or why i tend to be attracted to that letter) but these are the things at the core of my being. This space was created to give me a home to explore all of my feelings surrounding these things. And being that I'm a Scorpio, I have TONS of feelings to share (another S!) I want this space to feel comfortable for anyone who comes to read and learn and heal, because by writing I'll be doing the same. We're on a journey together, and I look forward to building this tribe with you. Ask questions. Suggest things to me. I want us to interact in a way you'd never interact with anyone who isn't your favorite cousin that you only see on Thanksgiving (yes, I'm down with that pre-dinner walk). I want to know what you'd like to see, and see if I can make that happen. Again, we're a tribe, so let's make this thing a thing! (I know my AP English teacher is reading this in disgust at the use of "thing" so many times. My bad Ms. C-- you taught me better.)

So yea, welcome to my website! Look around. 

Take off your shoes and get comfy. We family now. 

Love always, 

A$iahmae <3