Real Magic, Not Boxed At Sephora: POC Practitioners You Need To Support Instead of Spending Coins Playing With Fire. 

Sephora is the newest crab in the deep bucket of brands who are selling gentrified magic to the masses. With the announcement of trendy perfume brand Prinrose selling their Witch Kit in stores and online, it's sparked an outrage among the magic community, as it should. Here's another popular brand, once again capitalizing on the work of marginalized, Indigenous communities to sell to a group of Urban Outfitters' college girls for them to play with like an Ouija board at a 90's slumber party under the guise of "spiritual wellness". It's a mess. A big mess. The kit, which includes tarot cards, sage, and a rose quartz crystal, costs $42, and will be available Oct 9, which gives people just enough time to throw on some Lana Del Ray, spritz some overly priced rosewater and summon Prince's spirit to apologize for using his symbol on their packaging before Halloween. 

Instead of spending way more than you should on some fake sage (I'm sure there's instructions on "smudging" included) and a very polished crystal that is most likely tumbled glass, here's a list of POC ran platforms won't make your regret your purchase. These are the people preserving our traditions, bringing magic into the modern world with respect to our roots and enough respect for you not to rip you off. 

Brown Girl Alchemy

image: Amber J Finney.

image: Amber J Finney.

Brown Girl Alchemy is the brainchild of Mother/Daughter Duo Jennell Anthony and Amber J. Finney. The pair started this platform with a website/blog, and it has expanded beautifully into a podcast (Brown Girl Alchemizing), a panel speaking, and a mini market place displaying hand crafted merch.


The weekly podcast, as well as the curated Instagram page, will have you waking up the goddess within and tapping into your love of your higher self effortlessly. There's a very nurturing energy surrounding this platform, and they're more than worthy of the support they receive. You can find Brown Girl Alchemy on Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud. 

Wolfoot and Bearpaw


Wolfoot and Bearpaw is a family ran company owned by Mama Bearpaw and her three cubs. The family specializes in "rare, specialty, regional, unique & one of a kind earth medicine (crystals and gems) at under market pricing, and they have Sunday Sales via their Instagram page. they also have flash sales, so turn your notifications on! This is the only place that I bought crystals from for a long time, they're trust worthy and always on time. 


Mama Bearpaw is also the co-creator of the Juju Magic Oracle, which will be available Fall 2018. 

Third Eye Lounge


Third Eye Lounge is a "Boutique Botanica" catering to DAEUS (Decendents of Africans Enslaved in the US) men and women by offering herbs, ritual tools, crystals, books and classes, located in Charleston SC. The owner is Ikeoma Divine, affectionately called Ms. Kiki by her patrons, and she is a registered nurse and spiritual counselor who takes a holistic approach to her healing practices.  She runs everything in house, from teh  classes and readings to the online sales. 95% of the products are made from Ms.Kiki's hands, including her specialty candles and blended herbs. 


Growing up in the Pentacostal church and exhibiting  mediumship gifts as a child, Ms. Kiki follows in the footsteps of the women who came before her. She blends her learning from Ewe, Umbanda and Santo Daime and Voodoo to teach DAEUS people that rootwork is our birthright.  You can purchase all of her items online, including real conjure kits and tarot/astrology readings. 3rd Eye Lounge can be found on Instagram and Twitter.

Tatianna Tarot


Tatianna Tarot is an The Afro-Puerto Rican Ritual Practitioner, Medium,  Bruja and Intuitive Tarot Reader residing in New Orleans, LA. As someone who has been reading tarot for years, Tatianna uses her gift by providing daily, weekly and monthly tarotscopes on various platforms including her personal Instagram and her youtube channel. 


When she's not doing scopes, speaking on panels or curating spiritual retreats, Tatianna is giving us #MomMagic, featuring her beautiful daughter Sahara. 

Firm Earte


Firm Earte is the self proclaimed "Queer, Indigenous Internet Bodega" owned by Natali,  an indigenous, two-spirited/ trans artist and alchemist. Using their art as an act of resistance, Firmearte's goal is to reclaim the ancestral healing practices that have been stolen through rigorous colonization.


In their webshop, affectionately named The Bodega, you can find a massive array of items from crystals, soaps and candles to totes, tapestries and ritual baths. All of these items include the handmade art of the owner, and don the slogan "Queer Indigenous Alchemy." You can find them on Instagram and Spotify, as they curate mixtapes to bring the community together. 

The FlowerChild Bruja


Taylor Cordova is the Phoenix Arizona born artist, designer + bruja who runs The FlowerChild Bruja, a Flower- Powered Botanic who's visuals will make your Tumblr cry. The self proclaimed "Queer Witch with a Love of Flowers", she dedicates her resources, time + energy to crafting wearable art and sacred ritual tools to adorn the divine feminine + evoke the enchantment in the everyday. 


FCB has one of the most visually appealing curated pages I've ever seen, and the magic is beyond real. In addition to the beautifully crafted sage wands, real flower crowns and hair pins, The FlowerChild Bruja offers customized shop merch, ritual tools like palo santo and abalone shells, and an assortment of crystals, gems and altar dishes. You can find them on Instagram, and I promise you'll never want to leave. 

Take out your frustration with Corporate American by shelling out your coins to people who are really with the shits. They'll get the picture eventually. Until then, dollars make sense, so happy shopping!