By the time you read this bio, I'll have written it about 37,505,719,570,571,957,395,871,538,957 times. 

I'm AsiahMae.

I am a woman of many wigs.

Published Poet. Esthetician. Creative. Witch. Background Singer. Southern but not a Belle. 

Before anything else, I'm a writer. 

I don't write to because I want to, because I think it's cool. I write because writing is vital to my survival. Writing gives me a voice when my mouth won't move, when people won't listen, when the world around me is too loud and I have to get these thoughts out of my head. 

Writing saves me, constantly. 

I’ve always been a writer, since I could spell my name. I write for my businesses, I freelance for different blogs and online platforms. I write poetry and songs and I've been writing online since I was 15, but this is the first time that I'm writing in an online space that feels like MINE. A space where I don't have to answer to anyone or be proper or dim myself for anything. I can just write. I can just write about the world and what it means to me. So that's what this is. My space (no Tom). 

Yea, I'm corny. And sort of vulgar. You'll get used to it. 


Love Always, 


(yes the $ is real. It's a homage to my southern roots, No Limit and Ca$h Money who raised me. )

I’m beautiful, I’m gorgeous, and I’m funny as shit!
— Moniece Slaughter, Love and Hip Hop LA